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Working from my  home studio in Wagga Wagga NSW I draw inspiration from my beautiful rural surroundings by appreciating the natural beauty all around us. I have always been fascinated by human nature and I love to create artworks that capture a subject’s special uniqueness, and just like my appreciation for nature - to preserve what is natural and beautiful about them.

Special moments in our lives are also captured by a memory, or a symbol, or beautifully placed words. I often take a beautiful image such as a dragonfly or a bird for example, to create an artwork that is symbolic of something special. Creative writing is also a passion of mine, I find words very powerful and love the challenge of placing them exactly how they should be. I really enjoy creating these artworks as they speak on different levels for everyone. You never know what someone holds important to them.

I am a self-taught artist, and apart from my constant love of creating art throughout my life, I have been a practicing artist since 2005. In addition to my practice I am currently studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Graphic Design & Photography), and loving every minute of it.