Justine Brentnall is an Australian artist living in rural NSW where her practice focuses mostly on portraiture. Justine spent most of her years as a self taught artist finding success with her hyperrealistic style of drawing.

With her art practice expanding over the years, additional styles of work emerged through her interest in oil painting and digital illustrations to reveal a unique diversity in her work. She now practices in a variety of mediums including photography.

With a keen interest to pursue broader knowlege, she is currently expanding her credentials. Alongside her current art practice she is undertaking a Bachelor of Creative Industries, double majoring in Photography and Graphic Design.

Justines has participated in a small selection of group shows and her work is owned privately across Australia.


“I work predominantly in graphite, paint, and digital illustration. I draw inspiration from observing human nature, but also anything in my everyday surroundings that catches my eye by being beautiful in it’s present state. I believe everything and everyone has something unique that makes them special, so I create artworks to capture that little unspoken element of natural beauty that shines through. I think art serves to preserve - it is important to celebrate the unique and beautiful in things, especially people.

A big part of my practice is creating custom portraits.  I set out with the intention to capture that unique element, or aura of a person. I know when it is right when the artwork almost seems to create its own energy of the subject. At that point I know I have captured that special element - that's my favourite part of creating art.”